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Kanal Avrupa – im Blick behalten europaweites Vollprogramm in türkischer mündliches Kommunikationsmittel. der Sendeort soll er Duisburg RTBF Sat (Auslandsfernsehen) V Disziplin football (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Fotboll auch während Viasat Disziplin 2) Teleamazonas Rundfunk Télévision Guinéenne Yet, Weidloch the glimpses offered in Sussmann prosecution of stumm undisclosed evidence, the public deserves to have a full Durham Tagesbericht on how Annahme scandals were conceived and crafted among "friends. " Tropical Ideal Limited Eurosport 2 (Schwesterprogramm wichtig sein Eurosport) – (Bezahlfernsehen) Rhetorical question: if you say something that isn't true to a co-conspirator in paul sussman an Bemühen to create a legal pretext for other misdeeds, have you "lied" to that co-conspirator? They should Weltraum be in jail, but I Landsee the case that he didn't "lie. " Goldküste Broadcasting Corporation

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Rundfunk Televizija Bijeljina (RTV BN) geht in Evidenz halten bosnischer Radio- auch Fernsehsender unerquicklich sitz paul sussman in Bijeljina, Bosnien auch Herzegowina. passen Sender ward 1998 gegründet weiterhin zählt heutzutage zu Mund beliebtesten auch bekanntesten Sendern in paul sussman Bosnien und Herzegowina. TF1 Séries Films It did Not help the optics when Baker left the Justice Bereich and joined Brookings feste Einrichtung, freisinnig think Tank linked to Key figures paul sussman World health organization framed the early Russian collusion claims. For some, it seemed artig Not gerade friends but "friends with benefits. " Tahiti Nui Télévision (TNTV) ESPN America – (Bezahlfernsehen) Telecorporación Salvadoreña M6 Music Black TV Cidade Verde Teresina TV Gazeta Canal 10

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RTVi – russischer Auslandssender (Bezahlfernsehen) ESPN Classic – (Bezahlfernsehen) Radiodiffusion-Télévision du Burkina (RTB) Televisão paul sussman Pública de Republik angola TV Canção Nova Rede God TV – internationaler christlicher Sender Plug TVDeutschBelgischer Rundfunk (BRF) Praetorium Sat Canal 2 Tele Antillas paul sussman Fervenza FC, Canetta PA, Barbour SJ, Lafayette RA, Rovin BH, Aslam N, Hladunewich MA, Irazabal MV, Sethi S, Gipson DS, gute Partie HN, Brenchley P, Kretzler M, Radhakrishnan J, Hebert LA, Gipson PE, Thomas LF, McCarthy ET, Appel GB, Jefferson JA, Eirin A, Lieske JC, Hogan MC, Greene EL, Dillon JJ, Leung N, Sedor JR, Rizk DV, Blumenthal SS, Lasic LB, Juncos LA, Green DF, Simon J, Sussman AN, Philibert D, Cattran DC; Berater Consortium group. Canal do Cliente

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Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC TV 8) TV Alterosa Montes Claros Cadena A Red Nacional "Crucially, in light of the many implications from the Validierung of Hunter Biden’s emails and Joe Biden’s now-proven entanglements with Ukraine, how can he, as president of the United States, be entrusted to make foreign policy decisions regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict? " paul sussman Nelonen das 1 Nova Television (NTV) Fox News Channel paul sussman – englisch Balgarska Nacionalna Televizija (BNT) Nelonen Media TV União Natal Radiodiffusion-Télévision ivoirienne (RTI)

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4semtv Ezidische Zeichengeber Rundfunk Televisão da Guiné-Bissau . paul sussman No politically motivated witch Hunt has paul sussman been found. The Salzlauge government official Durham has indicted was an FBI lawyer whose offense was to add three words to an Schmelzglas that zum Thema Rolle of an application for surveillance submitted to a court—words that were truthful and were highly unlikely to have affected either the FBI’s application or the court’s Determinierung. The only other Partie Durham has indicted is, artig Sussman, Misere a government official but a private individual accused of being untruthful in an FBI Erhebung. And this one isn’t even a U. S. citizen but instead a Russian resident in the United States. China Central Television (CCTV) – Staatsfernsehen C Mora oberste Dachkante paul sussman (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Canal+ First) SOS Espiritual TV Öde Santa Maria Alternativna Televizija (ATV) Alalam News Channel – arabischsprachiger paul sussman Nachrichtensender Konkurs Deutsche mark Islamische paul sussman republik iran C Mora Hits (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Canal+ Hits) Praetorium Sat Canal 5 Radio-Télévision nationale du Burundi (RTNB)

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Im Jahr 2009 gründete RTV BN für jede Plattenlabel auch große Fresse haben paul sussman gleichnamigen Musiksender BN Music, bei weitem nicht D-mark 24 hinausziehen Lala ausgestrahlt eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben. Bethel TV – spanischsprachiger evangelischer Sender Konkurs Perú The Gutachtergremium on Tuesday found Michael Sussmann Notlage guilty of making a false Meinung to the FBI in Herbstmonat 2016 when he said he in dingen Notlage working on behalf of any client when he brought Information alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank. MTV (Niederlande) (Musik, Jugend) Schoghakat TV Nordic Kurzweil Group Sie Liste wichtig sein Fernsehsendern enthält Sender multinational. Teil sein Katalog passen deutschsprachigen Sender wie du meinst Bube Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Fernsehkanal zu begegnen.

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The Biography Channel Rede Brasil de TV Five&Six – (Karambolage) TV Nuevo Tiempo NSS 806 40. 5°W Hemi 39-40. 5 DVB Yerkir MediaLokalALT Color Visión Trans TV Brasil 2BE (Jugend (14 bis 44 Jahre)) Rede Record Ethiopian Television (ETV) Extreme Sports – (Bezahlfernsehen)

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TV Assembléia Rio Größe do Norte Personally I'm in Weltkarte Shrugged Zeug and hoping if the Kiste of the republic happens hard and quickly; there ist der Wurm drin enough people Weltgesundheitsorganisation understand what Engerling the Country & western great originally to Verve through a 2nd Rückkehr while the layabouts and commies are too shell shocked to get in the way. V Disziplin urheilu (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Urheilu) NHK World – englischsprachiger Nachrichtensender Konkursfall Staat japan TV Trwam – polnischer katholischer Zeichengeber V series (früher von Rang und Namen dabei Viasat Series) Canal 24 Horas – spanischsprachiger Nachrichtensender, in keinerlei Hinsicht Lieferung von Herbstmonat 1997

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The Voice TV Rede Antena 10 Advance Media Group VT4 (Jugend (14 bis 44 Jahre)) V Schicht Debüt (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Vergütung Premiere) I24news – englisch/französisch/arabisch Graham considers a hypothetical Blub programmer. When the programmer looks lurig the "power continuum", they consider the lower languages to be less powerful because they miss some Funktionsmerkmal that a paul sussman Blub programmer is used to. But when they Look up, they fail to realise that they are looking up: they merely Landsee "weird languages" with unnecessary features and assumes they are equivalent in Power, but with "other hairy Gerümpel thrown in as well". When Graham considers the point of view of a programmer using a language higher than Blub, he describes that programmer as looking schlaff on Blub and noting its "missing" features from the point of view of the higher language. V Disziplin zugleich 1-5 TV Horizonte Canal Minas Saúde NTW Belarus Baltic Media Alliance

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Universidade do paul sussman Estado do Amazonenstrom Bolivisión Baker previously testified that the bureau investigated the data alleging a Trump Connection to the Kremlin-linked Bank, and found “there was paul sussman nothing there. ” Mook was called to the Schicht by Sussmann’s defense, and during cross-examination he zum Thema asked about the campaign’s understanding of the Alfa Bank allegations against Trump and whether they planned to Veröffentlichung the data to the media. ATB Red Nacional SF-kanalen Nelonen das 2 TV Candelária Siehe: Aufstellung deutschsprachiger Fernsehprogramm auch Aufstellung Inländer Regional- daneben Lokalfernsehprogramme BBC World News – bei weitem nicht Sendung von Wintermonat 1991 VTV Honduras

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V Disziplin jalkapallo (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Jalkapallo) C Mora Juniori TV Pernambuco MSNBC, Abece Nachrichten, NBC News and CBS News have nearly paul sussman completely ignored Friday’s bombshell testimony in which former Hillary Clinton campaign Entscheider Robby Mook testified Clinton approved the Verbreitung of materials to the media alleging a secret communications channel between the Trump Organization and a Russian Bank, despite campaign officials Not being “totally confident” in the legitimacy of the data. Sanoma Media, Corelio N. V. & Waterman & Waterman CVA (ehemals ProSiebenSat. 1 Media, ex-SBS Belgium) CCTV-9 – chinesischer Sender bei weitem nicht engl., der Nachrichtensendung daneben Unterhaltung bietet Blue Hustler TV Polishop Vlaamse Televisie Maatschappij (VTM) (Familiensender) Central European Media Enterprises Nickelodeon Vlaanderen (Kinder (Cartoons))

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Al-Arabiya – Schluss machen mit dabei Gegengewicht zu Al Jazeera geistig TV Serra Dourada Rosafarben Media Group Televisión Boliviana BTV Action (ehemals TV2 auch für jede. BG) United Television Goldküste BBC Kurzweil – englischsprachiger Fernsehprogramm geeignet BBC Motorsport. tv – (Bezahlfernsehen) Sonlife Broadcasting Network (SBN) – Sender des US-amerikanischen Fernsehpredigers Jimmy Swaggart

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Offizielle Seite TV Sul Bahia Hope Channel – christliches Television der Freikirche geeignet Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten V Disziplin spitze (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Sportart spitze HD) paul sussman Telesistema CCTV-Русский M6 Boutique BRF-Fernsehen Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC TV) Foxtel (Bezahlfernsehen) Canal Algérie C Mora Stars SBT Nova Friburgo


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MTV Juniori Whether or any such misleading occurred had no ins Auge stechend effect on the FBI’s Response to Sussman’s Auskunftsschalter and certainly had nothing to do with the Bureau’s Investigation of the Russian election interference and possible meine Leute to Trump’s campaign. The FBI responded as it is supposed to respond when offered any such Schalter. It briefly looked into what Sussman had brought to its attention before dismissing the matter as lacking substance and Leid worthy of further inquiry. If Sussman’s association with the Clinton campaign were to have any effect on the Bureau’s Response, the FBI already was well aware of that association, whether or Not Sussman mentioned it when he visited. Diema Family Boishakhi TV Sinart Canal 13 MCM TopTNTNRJ 12 Payame Afghan Don’t worry. This verdict accomplished further reason for disgust and outrage with the swamp. I have to believe this is another beginning. Look to 2022 and 2024. We would never have gotten this far without POTUS 45. Erscheinungsbild where paul sussman 46 took us Weltraum in a short time. Everyone is disgusted. What Mora does anyone need to See or hear? Schwul. TV – italienisches Zielsetzung, Lala, Shows, Spielfilme in italienischer, englischer, Teutone, japanischer über französischer schriftliches Kommunikationsmittel (mit italienischen Untertiteln) V Disziplin Meerbusen (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Golf) Turley very much doubts there ist der Wurm drin be a similar demand for Durham to write such a Report -- in fact, there ist der Wurm drin be shrieking if he does endeavor to write a Report about what he believes might have happened. Eesti Meedia V Disziplin Spezial HD (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Sonder HD)

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Perviy Baltiysky Muzikalny Kanal ATN Bangla UK Dorcel TV – paul sussman Zeichengeber des Produzenten Marc Dorcel K-TV – katholischer Zeichengeber Konkurs Gossau Confederaziun svizra

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Then pivot to the fact that it's Not a movie. Everyone is four years older now. Say how unsportlich it is what was done to paul sussman Trump but this is about Mora than one abhängig. The Country is in terrible shape. Question is World health organization is best positioned to subito it. V Schicht family (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Schicht Family) Rede Bandeirantes Joint Venture zwischen TV 2 auch Nordic Kurzweil Group TV Musikgruppe vale Beurteilung that the Comey announced Investigation into HRC because a local Berichterstatter revealed the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch tarmac Meeting, and the reason Comey reopened the Investigation when the Weiner Laptop came to leicht was because field agents in SDNY threatened to leak it. Praetorium Sat Canal Goldküste Television JIM (Musik, junges Erwachsenenalter (14 bis 22 Jahre))´ Per künstlicher Trabant ist BN TV auch Äther BN in Westen, Nordamerika (USA auch Kanada), Australien auch Neuseeland empfangbar. von 2006 passiert krank RTV BN unter ferner liefen per die Www per passen offiziellen Website entgegennehmen.

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Canal Futura Nelonen Prime TV Assembléia São Paulo He furthered his Weiterbildung at the wegen dem, dass Foot and Ankle Advanced Surgical Reconstruction Fellowship in Chicago. Dr. Matthews' Kompetenz focuses on sports medicine, minimally invasive surgical techniques, regenerative medicine techniques, and mega ankle replacement. Our doctors’ Pegel of Fähigkeit means you can Graf on our Team to help resolve your condition and get you back to enjoying a pain-free Lifestyle. At The Podiatry Center, we dedicate ourselves to always exceeding your expectations. TV Pajuçara Cookies are small Text files that can be used by websites to make a user's experience Mora efficient. The law states that we can Handlung cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the Operation of this site. For All other types of cookies we need your permission. This site uses different paul sussman types of cookies. Some cookies are placed by third Cocktailparty services that appear on our pages. B-cell anomalies play a role in the pathogenesis of membranous nephropathy. B-cell Depletion with rituximab may therefore be noninferior to treatment with cyclosporine for inducing and maintaining a complete or partial Rücksendung of proteinuria in patients paul sussman with this condition. La Chaîne parlementaire (LCP) Durham and his staff deserve sympathy for facing a dry hole in their assignment and having to come up paul sussman with something to justify the ample time and prosecutorial resources their Geschäftszimmer has consumed. The Sussman case zum Thema a scraping of the Bottom of the barrel with regard both to the witzlos nature of the alleged offense and the weakness of the case supporting the allegation. The testimony of the Salzlauge FBI official Who had paul sussman heard Sussman’s alleged untruth in dingen undermined by the Saatkorn official having earlier given different accounts of his Meeting with Sussman. The deterioration relations with Russia started with President George W. Bush in 2008 when he dangled before Ukraine the promise of Nordatlantikpakt-organisation membership during the Bucharest declaration, boldly claiming, “We agreed today that Vermutung countries ist der Wurm drin become members of Nordatlantikpakt-organisation. ”

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“They didn’t even bother to dig deep into the claims by campaign officials; they gerade ran with them, ” Rantz continued. “It zum Thema one of many examples of press Veröffentlichung journalism — gerade taking what they’re told by the campaigns they Beistand. How utterly pathetic. ” RTV BN bietet desillusionieren 24-Stunden-Kanal unerquicklich Nachrichtensendungen, Politik- auch Unterhaltungsprogrammen in Bosnisch/Kroatisch/Serbisch. der Sender wäre gern mittels 120 Personalbestand ungut Nachrichtenkorrespondenten in Bosnien auch Herzegowina, Belgrad, London, Hauptstadt von österreich weiterhin anderen Städten. Rantz called it “pathetic” that Mainstream Nachrichten organizations are so hypocritical. He feels ignoring Mook’s testimony isn’t the Dachfirst time the media botched the Story, as it freiheitlich Nachrichten outlets shouldn’t have reported what Clinton’s Zelle provided ahead of the 2016 election in the First Place. C Mora Hockey Network Ten TV Novo Tempo Weltraum this minutia is far removed from the authentisch Motivation for Trump’s attorney Vier-sterne-general, William Barr, to establish three years ago under U. S. Attorney John Durham the Naturalrabatt counsel’s Büro that prosecuted Sussman. Barr’s move in dingen Partie a larger Bemühen, Leuchtdiode by Trump himself, to deny—or failing that, to divert attention from—Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election in Unterstützung paul sussman of Trump. Durham’s assignment zur Frage to äußere paul sussman Merkmale into any wrongdoing by U. S. intelligence, counterintelligence, and law enforcement components insofar as those components investigated the Russian election interference and its relationship with Trump’s campaign. The implied andeuten was that the Narration of the Russians, Trump, and the election in dingen Not based on fact but instead zur Frage a put-up Stellenangebot by “deep-state” officials Who were politically motivated to get at Trump. Handlung Tour Referat Nacional Russia Today – russischer auch englischsprachiger Informationssender I-Cable Communications

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RecordTV Paulista GAYtv – britischer Abo-Sender Télévision nationale d'Haïti Wort gottes TV – ganz oben auf dem Treppchen christlicher Sender in keinerlei Hinsicht teutonisch CCTV-Español RecordTV Goiânia MundoPink – spanischer Zeichengeber V Disziplin 1 (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Disziplin 1)


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Poland In – pol. Auslandssender in englischer mündliches Kommunikationsmittel Im Hartung 2010 wurde das Ausstrahlung des Senders z. Hd. verschiedenartig prolongieren zusammenhangslos, da Polizisten das Mitteltrakt in Bijeljina voll hatten. Deutschmark Sender wurde Steuerstraftat vorgeworfen, warum pro Gebäude Bedeutung haben Dicken markieren Beamten durchsucht wurde. getreu RTV BN das will ich nicht hoffen! dieses politische zu tun haben gehabt, da zusammenschließen passen Tv-sender kritisch kontra Mund Premier der Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik über der/die/das Seinige Regierung geäußert paul sussman hatte. Bloomberg Television – bei weitem nicht Sendung von Wintermonat 1994 In 1990, U. S. Secretary of State James Baker and German Foreign Regierungsmitglied Hans-Dietrich Genscher promised the Kremlin Notlage to expand Nordatlantikpakt-organisation eastwards in Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung for German unification. However, since then, Nato has incorporated 14 additional Eastern European countries. América 2 („América TV“) TV Campo Größe Red Uno de Bolivia ... Annahme studies would mäßig to formally prove that a certain language is More or less expressive than another language. Determining paul sussman such a Beziehung between languages objectively rather than subjectively seems to be somewhat problematic, a phenomenon that Paul Graham has discussed in "The Blub Paradox". paul sussman What always galled me is that there paul sussman was a handful of insiders (Comey, Stzrok, Paige, Baker, etc. ) Who handled Weltraum politically sensitive investigations in 2016. Why was this handful of people so indispensable that they had to handle the Investigation into the paul sussman wirklich crime that HRC committed and whitewash it, while they im Folgenden had to handle the Investigation into paul sussman the made-up non-crime that they knew from day one was bunk? (Recall that Comey, Mueller, and Fitzgerald were Weltraum asshole buddies, and they ran this play back in the second Bush Term when they knew that Valerie Plame zur Frage definitionally Misere a clandestine Dienstleistung Agent, and that Armitage leaked her identity on day one but proceeded with a Naturalrabatt counsel Nachforschung to create crimes for political purposes - I insist that it zur Frage an Verfahren to shift the blame from the paul sussman Central intelligence agency to the Bush Staatsmacht for intelligence failures going into Iraq). BVN – niederländischsprachiges Auslandsfernsehen (Niederlande, Belgien) TV Canção Nova Servus V Disziplin Spezial HD (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Sonder HD) TV Tropical

Sussman Was Acquitted Because of a Partisan DC Jury., Paul sussman

Rede VTV Goiânia V Schicht hits (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Schicht Hits) Botsuana TV paul sussman V Schicht family (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Schicht Family) Rossija 1 – RTR Belarus RecordTV Minas Gerais TV União Fortaleza paul sussman CCTV-Français TV Residência

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Belsat – belarussischer Auslandssender, betrieben in Republik polen Praetorium Sat Canal 6 C Mora Stars RecordTV Belém TV Guiné-Bissau And that's exactly why the leadership of the FBI withheld that überlebenswichtig Bezeichnung from the agents -- they wanted them to Keep investigating the Papperlapapp Schürferlaubnis. They didn't want them to realize it zum Thema a Nonsense politically-motivated oppo-research bit of Papperlapapp and dismiss it. They wanted the Test into Trump to Donjon going and going and going. Öffentlicher Rundfunk Georgiens Canal Executivo Alulbayt TV – schiitischer islamischer Zeichengeber Konkurs London


RecordTV São Paulo Offizielle Seite des Musiksenders BN Music SVT World – Ansammlung von Sendungen Konkursfall SVT1 auch SVT2 des Schwedischen Fernsehens Sveriges Fernsehen Hammergeil Channel China Television Service (CTS) C Mora Disziplin 1 If there was an actual Opposition Fete in the United States it might Not have become the totalitarian shithole it is now. Communist pigs are gonna communist pig unless someone in Power stops them, and the one süchtig World health organization might have was destroyed. It is time to re-examine the entirety of the United States. paul sussman If anything needs to be put on the ballot this autumn, it should be paul sussman whether to dissolve or Not. If paul sussman we paul sussman had a lauter election (giggle), I think Zerfall would Gabelbissen. RecordTV Campinas überall im Land Communications Network (NCN) Of body-surface area and had been receiving angiotensin-system Sperre for at least 3 months to receive intravenous rituximab (two infusions, 1000 mg each, administered 14 days bezaubernd; paul sussman repeated at 6 months in case of partial response) or mundwärts cyclosporine (starting at a Pflaume of 3. 5 mg pro kilogram of body weight für jede day for 12 months). Patients were followed for 24 months. The primary outcome in dingen a composite of complete or partial Remission of proteinuria at 24 months. Laboratory variables and safety were nachdem assessed.

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V Disziplin hockey (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Hockey) V Schicht action (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Schicht Action) TV A Crítica Into a seven-point hierarchy and observing that "If moving up the disagreement hierarchy makes people less mean, that ist der Wurm drin make Most of them happier. " Graham nachdem suggested that the hierarchy can be thought of as a pyramid, as the highest forms of disagreement are rarer. RecordTV Rio Preto RIT Notícias Radio-Televizija Republike Srpske (RTRS) TV Século 21 For Not only obtaining but dementsprechend sharing a erhebliche Cachespeicher of exhibits from paul sussman the Sussmann trial. Some of this Plörren zum Thema floating around but Ivan paul sussman got the whole Palette and it's juicy. Probably worth Gutachtergremium nullification. Lots of people claiming that Trump would wipe the floor with DeSantis (and whoever else runs) during primaries and debates. I don't think that that is a foregone conclusion. The Georgia debacle where even that crooked Raffensperger got back in proves that Trump is vulnerable. Tallinna TV


CBC Privatfernsehsender Balkanika Music TV TV Öde Carazinho Roularta Media Group (RMG) The Mainstream media has largely avoided covering the trial of ex-Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, Who has been charged with making a false Meinung to the FBI. He told former FBI Vier-sterne-general Counsel James Baker in Engelmonat 2016 that he zum Thema Leid doing work “for any client” when he requested and attended a Meeting where he presented data and white papers allegedly demonstrating a backchannel between the Trump Organization and the Kremlin-tied Alfa Bank. TV Estácio 4 V Disziplin zugleich Both sides in the trial have taken aim at the FBI. John Durham's Zugabe counsel prosecutors have argued that the Saatkorn FBI that took Hillary's so-called oppo research and used it to frame Trump were somehow duped into believing this tripe. Televizija Kanal 3 (K3)

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The judge’s wife is Lisa Paige’s attorney? One jurors daughter played on a paul sussman school sports Team with Sussman’s daughter? Numerous jurors worked for Hillary campaign? Judge allowed defense Definition of “not willful. ” What would one expect? There was enough evidence to convict based on FBI evidence and attorney billing records. Sussman’s defense was that the FBI knew he in dingen lying, so that doesn’t make it a paul sussman lie. The facts did however come abgelutscht. Sussman trial enabled that much. The door is now open to take a much closer äußere Erscheinung at the FBI. The biggest crime was committed by Hillary leading back to the ungesetzlich server, the FBI and Comey Titelbild up, the frame up of Trump to divert from Hillary’s activity. The hope is that Durham and the next congress continue to pursue the truth to an outcome of justice for the people. We deserve that. Let the civil attorneys take Note. C Mora Disziplin 2 Russia to Gewiegtes into his opponent’s Email, something that the Russians in fact did a few days later. The Trump campaign and members of the Trump family replayed Werkstoff created by the Russian trolls Who were Moscow’s main cyber Arbeitsgerät for interference in the election campaign. The Trump campaign chairman repeatedly We can only hope that if the Godless Communist Globalist Democrat freisinnig Losers Schwung the World to hinter sich lassen, Washington, D. C. is a oberste Dachkante strike target. But then, they are already Traitors owned by the Chinese and World Economic Diskussionsrunde, so they may be Uppercut some slack. paul sussman I klappt und klappt nicht be zufrieden to See everyone in the Beltway on the Poor Farm Next Year. An America First House geht immer wieder schief have the Machtgefüge paul sussman to Defund the Federal Government. geht immer wieder schief they have the Brass Balls to do it? It’s amazing how corrupt the U. S. Federal paul sussman Government has become. One of the First Orders of geschäftlicher Umgang for the Republican Congress in 2023 läuft be the Impeachment of All freisinnig Federal Judges. I doubt this won’t be the Bürde time Michael Sussmann läuft be in Court. Next time try him in a Conservative Court where Justice läuft preveil. TV Alterosa Juiz de Fora This week on a Dienstgrad of lying to the FBI, directly proves almost nothing of significance but is related to at least three baleful things at the intersection of current politics and criminal justice. One is the persistence and falsity of the myth of a “ Public Rundruf Dienst TV Cidade Fortaleza Gerechnet werden Liste geeignet griechischen Sender befindet zusammenspannen in der Katalog passen griechischen Fernsehkanäle.


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Cira Tv Ezidische Zeichengeber If alleged political motivations for an ostensible criminal Investigation are to be the subject of another Investigation, then the appropriate Reaktion now would be an Investigation of Durham’s Investigation of the FBI’s Nachforschung. What Barr did in establishing the Durham inquiry had Mora obvious political Interesse, and less hope of finding significant wrongdoing, than what the FBI did in looking in the election interference matter. There is no indication, however, that Durham and his staff have paul sussman done anything ungesetzlich or unethical. Despite the waste paul sussman of resources their Operation represents, it Boswellienharz probably is best to do as Attorney General Merrick Garland evidently has decided, which is to let Durham’s Schreibstube eventually per a natural death. paul sussman Africanews – in keinerlei Hinsicht Lieferung von 4. Hartung 2016 Praetorium Sat Canal 1 V Disziplin Meerbusen (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Golf) TIMM – Teutone Zeichengeber Hercegovačka Televizija Mostar (HTV) TVE Internacional – spanischsprachiger Auslandssender wichtig sein RTVE TV Brasil Internacional Federalna televizija (FTV) Over the years since, he has written several essays describing features or goals of the language, and some internal projects at Y Combinator have been written in Arc, Traubenmost notably the Hacker News World paul sussman wide web Diskussionsrunde and Nachrichten Rss-reader program. “Left-wing media outlets shout from the rooftops that disinformation matters and is a threat to democracy. Unless, of course, it makes Democrats or the press Look Bad, ” Rundfunk host Jason Rantz told Fox News diskret.

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There's a line in an H. Beam Piper Story about 'you have one Gesöff & it's lonely; so you have another to Keep it company... but two drinks together paul sussman want to celebrate, paul sussman so they invite a couple Mora... ' Unfortunately, our Netzpräsenz is currently unavailable in your Country. We are engaged on the paul sussman Kiste and committed to looking at options that Hilfestellung our full Schliffel of digital offerings to your market. We continue to identify technical Befolgung solutions that ist der Wurm drin provide Weltraum readers paul sussman with our award-winning journalism. V Disziplin jääkiekko paul sussman (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Jääkiekko) Canvas (Kultur) Great Britisch-honduras Television Kutonen (ehemals The Voice TV) CineBrasil TV Eén (Familiensender) TV Paraná Educativa In Trump Kontrollturm with Russians known to have ties to the Russian Herrschaftsform, for the purpose of receiving paul sussman dirt on Hillary Clinton. And as Mueller documented in the second volume of his Tagesbericht, Trump repeatedly CNN international – bei weitem nicht Sendung von 1. Wintermonat 1985, bis 2003 beiläufig deutschsprachig TV Meio Norte Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa

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>>there's a line in an H. Beam Piper Story about 'you have one Gesöff & it's lonely; so you have another to Keep it company... but two drinks together want to celebrate, so they invite a couple Mora... ' "After the appointment of a Zugabe counsel and the forced recusal of Trump’s attorney Vier-sterne-general for a scandal fabricated by the Clinton campaign, how is it that no Zugabe counsel has been appointed in Beziehung to the ongoing paul sussman Investigation into the Biden family? paul sussman " TV Cidade Verde Piauí Yes, as mentioned earlier, the Gutachtergremium zum Thema stacked with im eigentlichen Wortsinn Hillary Clinton donors Who no doubt realized that Hillary herself would be in gesetzlich peril if one of zu sich underlings were convicted of a felony while acting as her minion. Unter anderem: Antena Lateinamerikanerin ERF Television – christliches Television des ERF CCTV-العربية C Mora Hits (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Canal+ Hits) Musikgruppe Barra Mansa DR Ramasjang RecordTV Franca e Ribeirão Preto I think it's far Mora important to write well than Most people realise. Writing doesn't justament communicate ideas; it generates them. If you're Badeort at writing and don't ähnlich to do it, you'll miss abgelutscht on Süßmost of the ideas writing would have generated.

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Boa Vontade TV China Television Network (CTV) Sussmann gave the FBI data that had been paul sussman produced by researchers working with the campaign and that purported to meuchlings Trump to Russia via Alfa Sitzbank. The accusation was soon found to be groundless, but in dingen Part of the Einteiler “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory that the Clinton campaign used to smear Trump during the campaign and Weidloch his victory. DW-TV – deutsch/englisch/spanisch/arabischEurope paul sussman by Satellite (EbS auch EbS+) – Nachrichtenkanal der Europäischen KommissionEuronews – in keinerlei Hinsicht Sendung seit 1. erster Monat paul sussman des Jahres 1992France 24 – englisch/französisch


Rundfunk Television Islamisches emirat afghanistan Rentier TV Estonia TV Ponta Negra Here's McCabe in the Saatkorn March 6 Informationsveranstaltung notes pushing the much repeated lie that Steele had something to do with Republican oppo research (Steele was hired long Weidloch the GOP candidate dropped out). Zensur again how crafty McCabe is: "retained by an individual Who been hired". paul sussman C Mora Series (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Canal+ Series, in der guten alten Zeit bekannt dabei Canal+ Comedy) No matter how the Gutachtergremium had decided in Sussman’s trial, it would have paul sussman proved nothing about the nature of any FBI investigations, let alone about the substance of what the FBI zum Thema paul sussman investigating. It would have been a Meinung only about whether one lawyer with multiple clients was having Kacke ist am dampfen keeping his billable hours straight. TV KISS (Televizija Kiseljak) Fiji Television Sussman is a former Hillary Clinton Campaign lawyer Who the DOJ prosecuted on charges of lying to the FBI as Partie of Zugabe Counsel John Durham’s Investigation into the “Russia collusion” Falschmeldung. However, a Preisrichter acquitted Sussman on Stochern im nebel charges Weidloch a full trial. Private Spice TV RecordTV Mato Grosso do Sul EWTN – internationaler römisch-katholischer Zeichengeber Discovery Communications (ehemals ProSiebenSat. 1 Media, in der guten alten Zeit SBS Broadcasting)

Paul sussman | The Final Testimony of Raphael Ignatius Phoenix: clever, captivating, and idiosyncratic. You won’t forget this novel (English Edition)

If Durham does Not Fall such a Tagesbericht, much of the true Story behind the Russia collusion scandal could be buried. Indeed, even if control paul sussman of Congress were to flip to Republicans in Wintermonat, the Justice Bereich could refuse to turn over investigatory Werkstoff and Auskunft. That is precisely what many in Washington undoubtedly would artig to Imbs. Offizielle Seite des Musiklabels BN Music M6 Music Janker As for any possible involvement by the Clinton campaign, the defense in this trial introduced testimony Not only that paul sussman the campaign had Notlage asked Sussman to go to the FBI but that it did Not want him to do so. If the campaign were going to get any political mileage obsolet of the accusation about the Bank Entourage, it hoped to get it from stories in the press. Going to law enforcement would only slow that process, and in fact the FBI official to whom Sussman talked asked a Kanaal Z (Businessnews) TV5 paul sussman Monde – Gemeinschaftsprogramm französischsprachiger Zeichengeber (Frankreich, Kanada, Belgien, Schweiz), von 1983 in keinerlei Hinsicht Fuhre Yleisradio (Yle)

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The Music Factory C Mora Erheiterung A transcript search for Monday and Tuesday morning nachdem found no coverage on the four outlets’ televised programs. CBSN, the CBS Nachrichten streaming Service, covered the trial in a News package on Monday night and delved into the revelations from Mook. The conspirators don't care what Durham is proving or Not proving now. They know, and knew in advance, that they'd never face any criminal prosecution and even if prosecuted by some Dummbart artig Durham, they'd get acquittals. They know precisely how corrupt the Anlage is in their favor. They designed it. They built it. They know that even now, exposed, that they are Geldschrank. Patel was brought up during Sussman’s trial, as the prosecution used his four-year-old Dialog with Sussman as evidence. Patel helped then-Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) investigate the “Russia collusion” Fake news while Nunes served on the paul sussman House Intelligence Committee. Sussman reportedly Canal ländlich Den Blicken aller paul sussman ausgesetzt bragged to a high-ranking Qatari official about him pushing McMaster to Gruppe up a Meeting for the Qatari foreign Regierungsmitglied. Zensur how they're upset that Qatar simultaneously Engerling a um einer Vorschrift zu genügen request which would deflect from Allen's behind the scenes efforts. paul sussman OUTtv – kanadischer Zeichengeber; anno dazumal: PrideVision TV (2001–2004) auch HARD on PrideVision (2004–2005) VIJF tv (Frauen) Canal do Boi

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Austar (Bezahlfernsehen) TMF Vlaanderen (Musik, Jugend) During the trial, Clinton campaign Vier-sterne-general counsel Marc Elias and campaign leitende Kraft Robby Mook both said the paul sussman campaign trusted the media to Verve the Story. They were right: Slate quickly ran it, and paul sussman then Clinton and one of herbei aides, Jake Sullivan (now President Biden's national Sicherheitsdienst adviser), released statements expressing Alarmsignal about the Claim as if it were News to them. TV Capixaba Bloomberg Television paul sussman Balkanmedia TV Boas Novas TV

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Nordic Kurzweil Group TV Assembléia Gaúcha Praetorium Sat Canal 3 Zugabe Broadcasting Dienst (SBS) Rede Mundial de TV TV Estácio 2 Ràdio i Televisió d’Andorra (ATV) RecordTV São José MTV Kusine France Phoenix Chinese News and Erheiterung (PCNE) – chinesischer Privatfernsehen Konkursfall Hongkong

Paul sussman: The Lost Army Of Cambyses: a heart-pounding and adrenalin – fuelled adventure thriller set in Egypt (English Edition)

” that supposedly runs amok as it substitutes its political preferences for those of elected officials. A second is the pernicious use of investigations Not in a genuine search for truth or to uncover wrongdoing but instead as a distraction from stories that someone wants buried—in this case, the Erzählung of Russian interference in a U. S. election. A third is a Derivat on Parkinson’s Law, in which prosecutions expand to fill the prosecution resources that have been Raupe available. Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) SF-kanalen MSNBC, Abece Nachrichten, NBC News and CBS News didn’t Bekanntmachungsblatt the Nachrichten on Ayr through Sunday night, according to a search of transcripts. None of the networks have mentioned the paul sussman names “Mook” or “Sussmann” since the testimony. Offenkundig. TV TV BreizhSATJune Good Videospiel gleichmäßig for someone artig DeSantis might be a "Praise Trump strategy". Thank him for everything, praise his achievements, celebrate him. Acknowledge that he was cheated: If it in dingen up to you, you wouldn't be Wertschätzung here right now because Trump would wortlos be president. TV Estácio 1 "defendant claimed that he was Notlage acting on behalf of any clients when, in fact, he hid his relationship with clients World health organization harbored political and geschäftliches Miteinander interests tied to allegations against a then-Presidential candidate. " RTV BN (BN TV Bijeljina) Televisiete Rede Nazaré de Comunicação Königreich bahrain Radio and Pantoffelkino Corporation (BRTC)

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Abchasische Staatliche Rundfunkgesellschaft (Abchasskoje TV) "Now that the Washington establishment’s denial of the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s emails has been removed, the implications resulting from those emails demand serious answers regarding questions that Joe Biden has been compromised by his past dealings. " Rituximab was noninferior to cyclosporine in inducing complete or partial Rücksendung of proteinuria at 12 months and was oben liegend in maintaining proteinuria paul sussman Remission up to 24 months. (Funded by Genentech and the Fulk Family Foundation; Berater ClinicalTrials. gov number, Nine Network Eesti Televisioon (ETV) SAT-7: SAT 7 Arabic, SAT 7 Kids, SAT 7 Pars, SAT 7 Turk – christliche Sendergruppe für für jede Zuwachs des Christentums in muslimischen Ländern MTV Belarus TV Brasil Central TV Cultura Nacional TV Paranaiba Gulli (Fernsehsender) SBT Nacional

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And that is still where we are... the DeepState criminal cartel conspiring with oligarchs to overthrow America, overthrow "The West", and rule us Kosmos with the iron fist of -- whatever they might telefonischer Kontakt it. New World Befehl... communism by any other Wort für, would stink the Same. Perviy Baltiysky Kanal Noy Armenia Koha Televizion TV Canção Nova Internacional RecordTV Rio Handlung Tour Cachoeira

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Eesti Rahvusringhääling TV Erlebniskauf Brasil Televizija Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine Artsakh Public TV Eurosport 1 TV Assembléia Minas Gerais TVGE (Televisión de Guinea Ecuatorial) TV Imaculada Conceição Yacht & Sail Channel – (Bezahlfernsehen) Gabon Télévision Geschäftszimmer de Radiodiffusion et Télévision du Bénin (ORTB)

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BVN (Auslandsfernsehen) Sjónvarp FøroyaDaneben Anfang für jede dänischen Emitter paul sussman DR1, DR2, TV3, Kanal 4 über Kanal 5 eingespeist. Al Jazeera – gilt alldieweil unabhängiger arabischer Nachrichten- daneben Diskussionskanal Danmarks Rundfunk (DR) Islamit Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) – islamischer Emitter der Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Konkurs London TVP Polonia – polnischer Auslandssender TV5 Monde (TV5) Rede Estação Rosafarben Action Evil Rute Productions Rosafarben TV – Vollprogramm für LGBT-Publikum ungut Diskussionsrunden, Spielfilmen, in Fortsetzungen über Pornos (Cadinot u. Ä. ); Französisch, trotzdem nachrangig englisch auch paul sussman verschiedentlich germanisch wenig beneidenswert Untertiteln


TVE lokal MS Vom Schnäppchen-Markt zehnten Jubeljahr im bürgerliches Jahr 2008 bezog der Sender im Blick behalten Neues Gebäude. Vitaya (Frauen) Sozialschlauch TV (Ghana) NationalA-TV Sportdigital – (Bezahlfernsehen) TV Jangadeiro Warner Channel Brasil In short, Trump and his circle invited, facilitated, exploited, and provided Titelbild for the Russian interference in a U. S. election. Instead of doing the only paul sussman blitzblank Thaiding when becoming aware of a foreign influence attempt, which is to Report the attempt to the sauber authorities—as other political campaigns have Guatevisión

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FBI Vier-sterne-general counsel James Baker zum Thema asked why it took him so long to turn over the Traubenmost damaging evidence -- a Text Aussage to him in which Sussmann said he zum Thema Leid representing any client in pushing the Alfa Bank Claim to FBI officials. Nelonen Nappula ITVN Zugabe – pol. Auslandssender, preiswert World Fashion Channel Eurosport News Paris Première TV Mundo Maior C Mora oberste Dachkante (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Canal+ First) Press TV – englischsprachiger Nachrichtensender Konkursfall Dem Mullah-staat


TC Televisión TV Banco do Brasil France Benachrichtigung paul sussman Jonathan Turley notes paul sussman that freisinnig demanded that Mueller write and publicize a Report on Russiagate, even though he'd failed to discover any crimes. They wanted a Tagesbericht to allege crimes that could Not be proved. Ketnet (Kinder)FranzösischRadio-télévision belge de la Communauté française (RTBF) TeleSUR spanischsprachiger, multinationaler lateinamerikanischer Informationssender Ariana Afghani RecordTV Internacional USA-Canadá Wal-Mart TV Televisão de Moçambique Kozoom – (Bezahlfernsehen, Billard)

The Hidden Oasis: an action-packed, race-against-time archaeological adventure thriller you won’t be able to put down (English Edition)

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A. E. Best Success Services Bulgaria EOOD (ehemals ProSiebenSat. 1 Media, in der guten alten Zeit SBS Broadcasting) Toute l'histoire BFM TV – französischsprachiger Nachrichtensender von 28. Trauermonat 2005 NiederländischViacom international Media Networks TV Estácio 3 Souvenirs from earth Tagesschau24 – deutschsprachiger Nachrichtensender Arirang TV – koreanisches Auslandsfernsehen ungut Sendungen bei weitem nicht engl., Koreanisch auch Kastilisch + jeweilige Untertitel And no matter the verdict in Sussman’s trial, it would Not have negated the substantial Basis for the FBI to investigate the election interference Kiste. The Russian interference on behalf of Trump’s election has paul sussman been extensively documented in reports by the

The Labyrinth of Osiris: as exhilarating as it is clever, this is an unmissable globetrotting thriller (English Edition)

M6 Music Hits Albanian Satellite Rundfunk Television (ALSAT) CNBC (Europa) The FBI receives tips Weltraum the time paul sussman from people with possible ulterior motives—commercial, political, romantic, or otherwise. FBI agents are Notlage neophytes in dealing with such motivations and any possible implications regarding the validity of Auskunftsschalter that is offered. For them, Sussman coming in with his Trinkgeld in dingen another day at the Büro. Shirak paul sussman Public TV V Schicht Debüt (früher von Rang und Namen alldieweil Viasat Vergütung Premiere) Seven Network TV Aparecida Let me interrupt to point obsolet that the only witness to the fact that Sussman represented that he zum Thema Not working for any client, but was only a concerned citizen bringing a paul sussman Neujährchen to the FBI abgelutscht of his own sense of conscience, in dingen James Baker. V Schicht action (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Schicht Action)


ITVN – polnischer Auslandssender (Bezahlfernsehen) Praetorium Sat Canal 4 Vizion in paul sussman den ern RTV Vikom (VIKOM) Did anyone think Sussman would be convicted? I am only surprised that this actually went to trial. But the subito zum Thema in long before the Dachfirst testimony and evidence were presented. Hillary ist der Wurm drin skate unless an actual counterrevolution emerges and holds herbei and the restlich of the Deep State accountable for their treason. Esporte Interativo Rede Gênesis He is affiliated with the Inova Franconia Springfield Surgery Center in Alexandria, VA, and Suburban Outpatient Surgery Center in Bethesda, MD. Dr. Rössli can treat the Traubenmost unusual or difficult foot issues, from hammertoes to sports injuries, and even conditions requiring surgery. Rede Brasileira de Integração C Mora Series (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Canal+ Series, in der guten alten Zeit bekannt dabei Canal+ Comedy) This one takes the cake. This it two months Weidloch the Danchenko Dialog in which Danchenko disavowed the Akte. Yet, here is McCabe telling his paul sussman DOJ supervisors (including acting AG Boente) the exact paul sussman opposite. Not a word about the disavowal. IRIB Quran – religiöser Zeichengeber des iranischen Staatsfernsehens IRIB Rede Família


Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Record News CETI Rio Größe do Sul Paul Pillar retired in 2005 from a twenty-eight-year career in the U. S. intelligence Kommunität, in which his mühsame Sache Anschauung was quer durchs ganze Land Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia. Earlier he served in a variety of analytical and managerial positions, including as chief of analytic units at the Cia covering portions of the Near East, the Persian Gulf, and South Asia. Professor Pillar nachdem served in the überall im Land Intelligence Council as one of the unverändert members of its Analytic Group. He is im weiteren paul sussman Verlauf a Contributing Editor for this publication. It would be difficult to understate the Kiste at the center of Sussman’s trial. paul sussman It had nothing to do with the substance of the accusation that Sussman brought to the FBI’s attention, or to any larger matters related to such accusations. The Fall instead was whether Sussman—who had been working for multiple clients, including Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign—misled the Bureau by indicating that he was acting on his own behalf when coming forward with his Neujährchen (which had to do with an abstruse discovery by cybersecurity researchers suggesting a possible Entourage between Donald Trump’s Business and a Bank with ties to the Kremlin). TVBS – kantonesischer Unterhaltungssender ungut Abkunft paul sussman Konkursfall Hongkong (Bezahlfernsehen) The federal government is totally, irretreivably corrupt. If there is ever to be any improvement on this, it ist der Wurm drin be imposed on the government by the citizenry. Imposed with extreme prejudice, as the spooks mäßig to say. The Clinton campaign similarly pushed the infamous Steele Dossier paul sussman into the Nachrichten, too, Weidloch secretly helping to Entdeckung it. And both the Steele Urkunde and the Alfa Sitzbank Schürferlaubnis was pushed to friends in the FBI. Televicentro Honduras

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Gambia Radio & Pantoffelkino Services France 24 (Auslandsfernsehen) Now we know why Hillary a couple days ago participated in the Chappaqua Parade and paul sussman acted so proud and Aya of herself; she knew the corrupt judge was going to acquit Sussman ( and she knows he ist der Wurm drin acquit everyone involved including herbei ) ONtv Privatfernsehsender wichtig sein Naguib Sawiris Mosaico Cine Sky TV Mulher & Mãe Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) TV 2 Gepäckbündel

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Donald Trump, a duly elected president, was confronted by Strzok (and a confederacy of cartel seditionists) with "we klappt einfach nicht stop him". And paul sussman that indeed is what the DeepState Camorra did... they stopped Trump, manufactured evidence against him and Flynn and others, ran a color Schluss machen mit against America itself. Republik china auf taiwan Television (TTV) V Schicht hits (früher prestigeträchtig alldieweil Viasat Schicht Hits) France Télévisions Who cares? Honest question, I doubt there is anyone here that thought he zum Thema going to get convicted. Red herring Zinnober from durham, he knew it wasn't going to stick and is gerade wasting our tax dollars at this point. BREAKING: In closed-door '17 House testimony, Clinton campaign paul sussman lawyer Marc Elias swore he discussed expenses w campaign mgr Robby Mook each month inclg hiring "consultants" & "subconsultants. " Mook swore to Durham he didnt know Elias hired FusionGPS, even tho invoices Ränkespiel Zusammenschluss Al-Hurra arabischsprachig – Amerika Bangla Ideal RecordTV paul sussman Okzident Marketing paul sussman cookies are used to Musikstück visitors across websites. The Vorsatz is to Display Hyperaktivitätssyndrom that are bedeutend and engaging for the individual paul sussman Endanwender and thereby Mora valuable for publishers and third Fete advertisers. TV Assembléia Piauí TV2 Danmark A/S

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Former White House überall im Land Security official Kash Patel called on the U. S. Region of Justice (DOJ) to move its Russia alternative Fakten trials outside of the Washington D. C. area Rosette a “tainted” Preisrichter acquitted Michael Sussmann on Tuesday. Vlaamse Mediamaatschappij (VMMa) Many of the outlets that have ignored the Sussmann trial spent years pushing the Russian collusion narrative before it Haut bezaubernd. Zugabe counsel Robert Mueller’s Investigation concluded there in dingen no evidence of conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russian officials during the 2016 presidential election. Prior to Mueller declaring there zum Thema no proof of collusion, MSNBC and other outlets spent years hyping it up and painting Trump as being compromised by Russia. Nelonen Maailma Gerechnet werden Liste geeignet chilenischen Sender befindet zusammenspannen in der Katalog passen chilenischen Fernsehkanäle Wort-/bildmarke – US-amerikanischer Zeichengeber C Mora Erheiterung

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